Evony launched the Journey to Glory event during their third round of the Kong: Skull Island Collaboration Event on December 30th. During this event, we will have the chance to earn Knight’s Vow General Chests and up to 2,400 Blood of Ares. These chests contain random Generals, such as Otto the Great, Eulji Mundeok, William Marshal, George Dewey, Simeon the Great, Elektra, Philip II, and Petronas.
[Evony Journey to Glory Event]
To participate in the Journey to Glory event, we can use Knight Coins to win rewards. These rewards are divided into 8 common categories and 4 limited categories. When we collect all 4 limited rewards, we will receive the remaining rewards automatically.
So how to get the Knight Coins? We can obtain Knight Coins from Monsters, Resource Spots, and Packages. But it should be noted that there is a daily limit on the number of Knight Coins we can earn from Monsters and Resource Spots.
In addition, we can also purchase Journey to Glory packages on the Super Value Event page, which include a large selection of items such as Blood of Ares and Knight’s Vow General Chests.
It would be wise to seize the opportunity to obtain as much Blood of Ares as possible.

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