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The Power of Social Elements in Evony: A David Guo Vision

Since its launch in 2016, Evony, a real-time war SLG, has captured the attention of more than 150 million players, establishing itself as a beloved free-to-play strategy game published by Top Games, Inc. This success can be attributed to (also known as ), CEO of , who once declared, “For gamers, a game is not merely a pastime, but a way of life.” David Guo's emphasis on clarity, brevity, and the pursuit of excellence drives his approach to game development, fostering a commitment to delivering user-centric designs that add value.

David Guo: the importance of social elements

David Guo - the Importance of Social Elements

David Guo underscores a player-first approach in game development. Since its founding in 2015, Top Games Inc. David Guo particularly highlights the importance of in game design, aligning with Top Games Inc.'s mission as a global independent game development and publishing company to connect players worldwide while delivering captivating games.

Forges intimate connections between players

A well-crafted strategy game not only provides entertainment and challenges but also forges intimate connections between players, whether they become friends, partners, or even couples. Evony exemplifies this social attribute, and in early 2023, the news featured the story of Lauren Black, a 36-year-old avid player of the mobile game Evony: The King's Return. When she failed to respond to a friend's in-game message for over 48 hours, concern began to mount. Gamer Eyal Elhadad, 51, from Israel, took the initiative to contact Scottish police after suspecting that something might be amiss with his online friend known as VAL.

Tragically, shortly after these concerns arose, Lauren's life was discovered at her home in Renfrew by her dog walker. Her passing left her friends within the gaming community enveloped in regret and sadness. Many of Lauren's gaming friends are now considering traveling to Scotland to attend her funeral.

Today, our focus is not on mourning but on exploring the remarkable social aspects of Evony as a game and how it allows players to cultivate unique connections.

Evony takes the player system to new heights. The game's alliance system offers a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface that encourages players to share resources and exchange gifts. It incorporates distinctive features like attack reminders, supportive inquiries, honor notifications, and more, providing an extensive framework for users to interact and collaborate effectively. The Evony Team prioritizes making interactions simple and friendly, putting alliance building and resource sharing within easy reach.

“We also maintain one central server for the entire Evony player community, which makes it much easier for players, no matter where they are located, to talk to one another and build friendships and alliances. Additionally, we utilize a 24-language translator that helps break down language barriers and facilitate player communication across the globe.” Evony Team said.

Players have multiple avenues to connect with their allies, be it on the Alliance page or with players from other alliances on the World channel. They can even befriend players from different servers. During Server Wars (SvS), a dedicated channel in the Chat interface allows players to engage in friendly banter or strategy discussions. Various chat channels enrich the social dynamics among players in Evony.

Evony not only enjoys immense popularity but also acts as a platform for players to forge genuine connections across the world. This article underscores the game's role in building unique relationships and reflects the vision of David Guo, which has driven the success of Top Games Inc. in the competitive gaming industry.

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As the CEO of Top Games Inc., David Guo oversees all essential departments within the organization. His approach to achieving success in each role is grounded in efficiency and speed. David firmly believes that all employees at Top Games Inc. should act swiftly—both in testing and implementing plans. Rather than adhering to a single formula for immediate success, he encourages continuous testing of products and services. This method allows the company to implement the best available options and scale up as quickly as possible.

A passionate gamer himself, David Guo was disappointed to see that many gaming companies neglected user experience and customer satisfaction. It was this realization that led him to join Top Games Inc., a company that prides itself on prioritizing top-tier player experiences and services. With a philosophy rooted in designing games from the player’s viewpoint, David recognizes the significance of the gaming world as a space where players not only make friends but also experience meaningful portions of their lives. Under his leadership, the aim has always been to create the best possible gaming experiences while fostering enduring gaming communities that continually enrich those experiences.

The key is an unwavering focus on the player’s experience. According to David Guo, a game’s success is tightly bound to its user-centric design; it’s not just about high-quality graphics or intricate gameplay, but about fulfilling the player’s expectations and beyond. At Top Games Inc., under Guo’s guidance, the prime objective is to offer users an unmatched experience that serves as both an outlet for fun and a source of enduring satisfaction.