The 2023 Evony Halloween Event is coming now. There are several new things have been released from October 27th to November 6th, which include new generals and castles, a new general skin, and a new Ideal Land building. This article will also explain how to get all the new items. If you want to learn about the key parts during the event, please read on.

Halloween General


Special Skill: Increases siege machines’ attack by 45% and ranged troops and siege machines’ defense by 25% when he is leading the army.
You can get General Raimondo from the 5th-tier Halloween Package and the Historic General Summoning event.

Stephen the Great

Special Skill: Increases research speed by 10% and in-city troops’ defense and HP by 15% when he is the Research Factory Officer.
You will claim General Stephen the Great when your party cake reaches level 10 at the King’s Party event during Evony’s Halloween.

Dwarf’s Treasure Castle Decoration

During the Halloween Event, you can participate in the Dwarf’s Treasure event and obtain rare castle decorations, march effects, avatar frames, and other items.

Open the Treasures to Gain the following items:

Rose Castle Decoration (Permanent)

Epic Decoration Chest I: Open to select items including Imperial Warriors March Effect, Flying Cranes March Effect, Tipsy Squad March Effect, Dreamy Carps Avatar Frame, and Dwarf Coin.
Other items: Blood of Ares, Tactic Scroll, Dragon Source Fragment, Runestone Chest, Research Stone, Source of Life, Material Bag (Silk Road), resource boxes, speedups, General EXP, and Monarch EXP.

Rose – York

Own to activate:
  • Training Speed +10%
Use to activate:
  • Marching Ranged Troop Attack +10%
  • Marching Ranged Troop Defense +20%
  • Marching Ranged Troop HP +20%

Rose – Lancaster

Own to activate:
  • Training Speed +10%
Use to activate:
  • Marching Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Marching Siege Machine Defense +20%
  • Marching Siege Machine HP +20%

Decoration Collection – Noble Garden

You can unlock the Decoration Collection – Noble Garden when you collect one Rose Castle and the Guard Wing March Effect.

Noble Garden’s Attributes

Own to activate:
  • In City Ground Troop HP +5%
  • March Speed +5%

Decorations on the Redeem Page:

As for Castle Decorations, you can consume 300 Dwarf Coins to redeem the Sunken Palace and 40 Dwarf Coins to redeem the Aozora Castle.
Then you can also use 20 Dwarf Coins to redeem any of the following March Effects:
Santa Claus, Rose Float, Groundhog Herd, Happy Spring Festival, Lovers Carriage, Queen of Circus, Spring Flower, Run of Luck, Justice Chariot, Bouquet, Spartans, Unicorn Rider, Freedom Field, and Running Bull.
In addition, each Avatar Frame on the redeem page can be obtained with 10 Dwarf Coins. You can redeem the following avatar frames:
Awakening of Spring, Golden Sun, Ice Lion, Divine Channeler, Happy Spring Festival, Lucky Clover, Crown of Dignity, Joy of Harvest, Stars at Sea, Everlasting Love, Groundhog Herd, Kirin Scales, and Bright Pearl.

Elektra’s General Skin

Dragon God – Elektra

Use to activate:
  • Ranged Troop Attack with Dragon +10%
  • Ranged Troop HP with Dragon +15%
You redeem the new general skin of Elektra at the Dragon Treasures event.
Join the event and get enough Dragon Gemstones by spinning the Dragon Treasures. You need to cost 300 Dragon Gemstones to buy a Dragon God – Elektra in the Dragon Shop.
By the way, you can also buy 16 Historic General (Elektra) with the unit price of 16 Dragon Gemstones.

Ideal Land Ornament

Dracula Haunting Night

Max Level (Lv10) Attributes

Use to activate:
  • Prosperity Points +800
Own to activate:
  • March Size Capacity +5,000
  • Enemy Mounted Troop Attack -10%
  • Ground Troop Attack +6%
Participate in the Voyage to Civilizations event, and you may have a chance to voyage and redeem the new Ideal Land Ornament – Dracula Haunting Night. You can purchase the Senior/Super Voyage Sale packages to get more Golden Ship Wheels to voyage for valuable items and the Golden Commemorative Coin. The coin can be used to redeem Ideal Land Ornaments on the event page.

By Evony Fresh

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