The Evony × Napoleon Collaboration was held last November. It ended in January 2024. It deepened the player experience by bringing historical figures closer to in-game characters. It also spurred active participation and successfully inspired the community!  Players had a Napoleonic adventure. It blurred the lines between gaming and cinema. As part of the collaboration, Evony recreated the wonders of Napoleonic-era architecture in the game. This immersed players in the era’s aesthetic. The game’s visuals took players to the world of the Napoleon movie. It had majestic castles and the enchanting “Ideal Land.”

Evony and Napoleon Collaboration
Evony and Napoleon Collaboration

Elevating Experiences Beyond the Screen

Evony’s integration captured Napoleon’s spirit. It took the gaming experience to new heights. It let players become Napoleonic-era generals. Josephine was a key figure in Napoleon’s life. She played a pivotal role by providing invaluable support to players during virtual conquests.

Data-Driven Success:

The collaboration wasn’t just about gaming and cinema—it was about redefining historical gaming. Evony’s player base surged, with a 1.4% increase during the collaboration period. The game’s social media campaigns and exclusive in-game events resulted in 1.52 million social media impressions and a 0.9% increase in daily active users. This data-driven success showcases the potential for groundbreaking collaborations in the gaming industry.

During the collaboration, Evony witnessed an extraordinary level of player engagement. Daily active users skyrocketed, with players spending an average of 42 minutes per session, immersing themselves in the Napoleonic world.

Players were treated to a wealth of unique in-game content, including new characters, challenging missions, and exclusive items inspired by the Napoleon film. These additions enhanced the gaming experience, providing players with a deeper connection to the era.

Over 600,000 players were highly satisfied with the collaboration

The gaming community responded with enthusiasm to the Evony & Napoleon collaboration. Player feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the seamless integration of cinematic and gaming elements. Surveys indicated that over 600,000 players were highly satisfied with the collaboration.

Achievements and Milestones:

Throughout the collaboration, Evony introduced a series of in-game events and competitions, resulting in remarkable achievements. These events witnessed the participation of over 1 million of the player base, with many players achieving significant milestones.

Gaming statistics during the collaboration period are truly impressive. Players collectively fought many battles, conquered countless virtual territories, and achieved 3207 in-game milestones. This data underscores the intensity of player involvement in the Napoleonic adventure.

Future Collaborations:

While this collaboration was a resounding success, Evony is already hinting at future collaborations and updates that players can eagerly anticipate. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures on the horizon.

The Evony & Napoleon collaboration is more than just a partnership; it’s a gaming revolution. It’s an immersive journey through the grandeur and complexity of the Napoleonic era, proving that history can be relived like never before in the world of gaming.

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