Evony plans to release the third round of the Kong: Skull Island Collaboration event from December 30, 2022, to January 9th, 2023. Participating in the event, we will have a chance to defeat Skullcrawlers, get the new General Mason Weaver and Zucca, Skullcrawler Killer Avatar Frame, Frost Lion March Effect, Castle Decoration – Skull Island & Kong’s City, Civilization Scroll Chest, Epic Historic General Hammurabi, and Spiritual Beast Kong. Today we will highlight the important Events in this round of Kong: Skull Island Collaboration.
 the Third Round of the Kong Skull Island Collaboration Event
[The third round of the Kong: Skull Island Collaboration Event]

Truth Seeker – Adventure Record

Thanks to the joint campaign, Mason Weaver, a photographer seeking the truth, came to Evony.
During the event, we can use Truth Pictures to draw the Epic Historic General Mason Weaver. If we don’t receive Mason Weaver after 240 wishes, we will be awarded the General directly.

Truth Seeker – Skull Island Memories

We may get Truth Seeker’s Map, Truth Seeker’s Daily, Truth Seeker’s Pen, Truth Seeker’s Inkpot and Truth Seeker’s Magnifier through gathering Resource Spots and killing Monsters. And we can receive Iwi Chests in 10 different levels by composing these items. Opening the Iwi Chests, we may receive generous rewards, including the Skullcrawler Killer avatar frame.

Duel on Skull Island

Help Kong defeat the Skullcrawlers, fierce and aggressive reptilian creatures, to earn Source of Life, Runestone Chests, and other rare items.

Monarch Sciences

We can complete challenge quests and purchase basic Gems to earn Prosperity Points with this mysterious organization, which tracks ancient beasts.
We can get the Frost Lion March Effect after unlocking privileges at Monarch Sciences Level 40. The top 10 players in the Monarch Sciences Ranking will receive Castle Decoration – Skull Island (30 Day).

Skull Island Defense

During the event, we can earn awesome gifts by purchasing basic Gems and upgrading defenses against the powerful creatures from Skull Island.
  • Gain Civilization Scroll Chest (Conquest) at Defense Level 4.
  • Gain Archer Camp Officer’s Robe Scroll at Defense level 8.
  • Gain Castle Decoration – Kong’s City, Epic Historic General Hammurabi, and Civilization Scroll Chest (Supremacy) at Defense level 10.

Guardian of Skull Island

Our contributions to defending Skull Island have not gone unnoticed – Kong, the king of Skull Island, is offering his assistance.
During the event, we can acquire Spiritual Beast Scales from packages and boss monsters, which can be redeemed for the Soul of Kong. With the Soul of Kong, we can unlock the Spiritual Beast Kong.

Legend of Kong

During the event time, 5 package tiers every day include massive resources, speedups, Art Treasure Scroll Chests, Artwork Fragment Chests, Runestone Chests and Subordinate City Clues!
There is also a chance to receive the new Epic Historic General Zucca from the 5th package tier, as well as Barbarian King’s Token, Dragon Crystals, Badges and Lv7 Premium Gear Chest (Globus Cruciger)

Routine Events

  • Barbarians Invasion
  • Auction House Event
  • Consume to Earn Awesome Rewards
  • Historic City Searching Event
  • Gather Troops and King’s Path Events
  • Dwarf’s Lucky Apple Event
  • Other events: such as Daily Login Rewards, Crazy Eggs, Challenge Lava Turtles, Cerberus’s Treasure, Holiday Celebration, Resource Tax Gift, Gathering Event, Knight’s Treasure, and Golden Goblin.

New Generals:

No.1 Epic Historic General Mason Weaver

[Evony Epic Historic General Mason Weaver]

Special Skill – Friend of Kong:

Increases ranged troops and siege machines’ attack by 20% when the General is leading the army. Increases ranged troops and siege machines’ defense and HP by 25% when the General brings any dragon or Spiritual Beast.

No.2 Epic Historic General Zucca

[Evony Epic Historic General Zucca]

Special Skill – Supreme Power:

Increases siege machines’ attack by 40% and increases ranged troops and siege machines’ HP by 35% when the General is leading the army to attack.

In order to support players to get the above rewards quickly, Evony prepares the Legend of Kong Package for us, which sells at 56,000% Value. And we can also expect more Kong: Skull Island Collaboration Event content in the future.

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