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How to Unlock Fame and Other Emblems for Rewards in Evony?

Evony showcases various Emblems in the Hall, categorizing them into Fame, , Civilization , and Career. Each has specific unlock conditions tied to tasks. Players can display up to 4 unlocked Emblems on the Monarch interface. What do these Emblems offer, how to obtain them, and what benefits do they provide? This article delves into each category to answer these questions

Fame Emblems

There are 6 Fame Emblems, including:
  1. Domination
  2. Leadership
  3. Smite
  4. War
  5. Prosperity
  6. Ares
Each Fame Emblem has quite a few mission requirements, which we won't go through here. You can check out the quest requirement, process, completion rate, available Fame Points, and other relevant information on the Fame page at the Monarch interface.
Each Fame Emblem has 5 stars, which means 5 levels. As the level increases, the color of the Fame Emblems icon will change.
Each star has special points requirements, and points can be accumulated by completing quests. When the points reach the specified value, you can upgrade a star and enter the quest process of unlocking the next star.
After completing the quests, you can click on the corresponding Fame Quest to claim the rewards, which include Speed Up, resources (Food, Lumber, Stone, and Ore), Refining Stone, and Tactic Scroll.
And you can also get Fame Points by completing Fame Quests. If your points reach a certain amount, you can claim a corresponding reward chest, which may contain Resource Chest, Speed Up, Persia King's Treasure, Adv Troop March Speedup, Adv City Teleporter, Runestone Chest, Source of Life, and so on.

Glory Emblems

There are also 6 Glory Emblems, and the icons are shown in the picture below. Here we have listed in detail the unlocking conditions of each Glory and the benefits you can get after unlocking.
  1. Ares

Unlocking Requirement: Server War Personal reaches top 5
Glory Benefits:
  • Server War Ares – blue wings
  • Upgrade Wonder to Lv.1 – To unlock the Dragon Norway Ridge
  1. Monarch's Glory

Unlocking Requirement: Be the King/Queen/Conqueror 2 times
Glory Benefits:
  • Monarch's Glory – golden wings
  • Upgrade Wonder to Lv.2 – To unlock the Dragon of Thebes
  • Special Avatar Frame – Monarch's Glory
  1. Invincible Hero

Unlocking Requirement: Battle of Constantinople Ranking reaches top 200 in one season or Battle of Constantinople Ultimate War Season Ranking reaches Continent top 200 in one season.
Glory Benefits:
  • Invincible Hero – red wings
  • Upgrade Wonder to Lv.3 – To unlock the Dragon Nidhogg
  • Special Avatar Frame – Crown of Supremacy
  1. Dragon Master

Unlocking Requirement: Unlock 1 dragon and each dragon's power reaches 500,000
Glory Benefits:
  • Upgrade Equipment Fearless Dragon Boots
  • Upgrade Equipment Courageous Dragon Boots
  1. Strategy Expert

Unlocking Requirement: Battle of Gaugamela Ranking reaches top 100 in one season
Glory Benefits:
  • Strategy Expert – purple wings
  • Special Avatar Frame – Monster Slayer
  • Ring of Fafnir (Art Treasure) – In City Troop HP +5% and Training Capacity +20%
  1. King of Generals

Unlocking Requirement: Own 6 Epic Historic Generals and each General's power reaches 3,500,000
Glory Benefits:
  • Upgrade Equipment Fearless Dragon Ring
  • Upgrade Equipment Courageous Dragon Ring
  • Special Avatar Frame – King of Generals

Civilization Equipment Emblems

Each time you complete collection of a set of , you can unlock a corresponding Emblem.
Evony currently has 12 sets of Civilization Equipment, which are:
  1. Plantagenet Set
  2. Freedom Hero Set
  3. Furinkazan Set
  4. Han Dynasty Set
  5. Koryo Set
  6. Rurik Set
  7. Abbas Set
  8. Bourbon Set
  9. Augustus Set
  10. Antonine Set
  11. Heian Set
  12. Thebes Set
  13. Aztec Set
  14. Sasanian Set
Civilization Equipment is an important part of increasing power for players' Generals, rather than only Emblems to be displayed. If you want to become stronger, please work hard to obtain Civilization Equipment Scroll Fragements and forge Civilization Equipment.
Evony Civilization Equipment

Career Emblems

This is a new category, and there may be new additions to this category in the future. Now they include the following Emblems.
  1. Godzilla (Special Emblems for Godzilla Collaboration Event)
  2. Pioneer
  3. Overlord
  4. Conquest
  5. Champion
  6. Master
  7. Grandmaster
  8. Dominator
  9. Mythos
With the exception of Godzilla, the remaining eight Career Emblems are classified as Age of Splendor. You can learn their unlock requirements and more details – How can you complete quests to unlock Evony's Fame in Age of Splendor.
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