Do you often feel that there are not enough troops to join rallies and attack monsters in Evony? Or can not take care of killing enemies, killing monsters, occupying buildings, scouting enemies, hiding troops, and other things on the battlefield? This means you need to increase your March Slot.
So how to increase it? This article summarizes in as much detail as possible the many ways to add March Slot and some of the problems you might encounter in each path. If you’re interested, please read on.
Evony March Slot
Evony March Slot

Technology Research to add March Slot

Research Technology in Academy
  • Military
Formation – March Slot +1
Adv Dispatch – March Slot +1
Super Adv Dispatch – March Slot +1
  • Military Advance
Legion Expansion – March Slot +1
  1. If you want to research Adv Dispatch, upgrade your Keep to level 14.
  2. If you want to research Legion Expansion, upgrade your Academy to level 35 and research Adv Prestige to level 8.
Increase March Slot by Researching Technology in Academy
Increase March Slot by Researching Technology in Academy

Add March Slot by reaching a certain VIP Level

VIP 5 and above – March Slot Capacity +1
This may require you to upgrade your VIP level and make your VIP hours as long as possible.

No.1 How to increase your VIP time?

You can use VIP time cards to lengthen your VIP Remaining Time.
The cards include VIP 30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, 1 Day, 7 Days, and 30 Days.
You can get them in the following ways.
  1. Server Gift
You can often see a gift chest on your Wall. Click to open the chest, and you will receive some random rewards. They may contain VIP time cards.
The quality of your Server Gift depends on your Server Gift Points. You can earn points by purchasing Gems, opening Server Gifts, and any other packages in the Shop. And when the Server Gift Level is upgraded, all players on the Server will receive a Server Gift.
It should be noted that the Server Gift will refresh once per hour, and it must be opened within 24 hours before expiration (1 hour).
  1. Store – Items – Special
    • Buy each VIP 1 Day with 250 Gems
    • Buy each VIP 7 Days with 1,500 Gems
    • Buy each VIP 30 Days with 4,000 Gems
  1. Black Market
You can also get VIP time from the Black Market. And you need to increase the level of your Black Market as much as possible to increase the probability of refreshing to get precious items.
  1. Packages
Festival Event Packages are really high performance-to-price ratio packages that include “VIP Time”.
There are also many other packages that contain VIP Time cards, such as Speedup Package (The Ultimate Speedups Sale), Gems Package (Super Gems Deal), Materials Package (Material Sale), Gold Package (Super Gold Sale Is Here), Basic Gems (12,000 Gems and 25,000 Gems), and so on.
Some packages are time-limited or just for special events, so you can focus on them and check their contents anytime.

No.2 How to increase your VIP level?

VIP Points Book – Use it to gain 100 VIP Points to increase your VIP Level.
  1. Alliance Shop
    1. Monthly Card Items – Consume 75,000 Alliance Points 100 VIP Points *5.
    2. Daily Sale – Consume 15,000 Alliance Points to buy 100 VIP Points *1. You can buy it 5 times. In other words, you can also get 500 VIP Points by consuming 75,000 Alliance Points.
  1. Packages
  • Festival event packages
  • Basic Gems packages – You will get as many VIP points as you buy the basic Gems.
  • Other packages such as Limited Battlefield Sale can also get VIP points, and please keep your eyes on all packages to make sure the package you buy has VIP points.

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