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How to get the Vietnam Famous City in Evony?

During the Cultural event, Evony released a new city, Famous City. What does it have? How to get this Cultural Sub City? This article will answer you.
Cultural Subordinate City Vietnam Famous City
Cultural Subordinate City Vietnam Famous City

Vietnam Famous City Buffs:

  1. Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Strike: Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack +10%
  2. Ranged Troop Tenacity: Ranged Troop Attack and HP +15%
  3. Adv Compass: Speed +15%
  4. War Tactics: Death into Survival Rate in this Subordinate City +20%

How to get the Famous City Key (Vietnam)?

  • 25 Cameos can 1 Famous (Vietnam)
  • 6 Cameos can redeem 1 Japan or Russia Epic Subordinate City Key Fragment
  • 4 Cameos can redeem 1 Japan or Russia Legendary Subordinate City Key Fragment
Moreover, the Cultural Subordinate City can also redeem Super Resource Chest, 7 Day Speedup for Construction, Dragon Source Fragment, 3 Day Speed Up, Junior Chest, , Excellent Dragon Coin on the Redeem page during the event.

How to get the Cultural Subordinate City Cameo?

Cultural Subordinate City Cameo, Super Resource Chest, 7 Day Speed Up, Refining Stone, Dragon Source Fragment (Only for top 501 to 1000)
Only the top 500 can get the Cultural Subordinate City Cameo. And the higher your ranking is, the more Cameos you will get.
The number of Cameos obtained by different rankings is detailed in the table below.
The number of Cultural Subordinate City Cameo

How to be a higher ranking?

Your ranking depends on the Cultural Subordinate City you have.
You can earn them by attacking World Boss and purchasing basic Gems.
By the way, you have to be as high as possible ranking in the World Boss event if you want to earn more clues. Because only the top 20 players in the Single Time Damage Ranking can get the Cultural Subordinate City Clues. Among them, first place can get 57,100 clues, while 20th place can only get 600.

To sum up, if you want to get the Vietnam Famous City, you need to get a high Single Time Damage Ranking in the World Boss event and buy a lot of basic Gems to get enough Cultural Subordinate City Clues.
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