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How to Get Important Items in Evony’s Alchemy Shop

With the release of the Double Ninth Festival event, Evony has introduced a new gameplay element – the . During the event, you can collect and convert it into Alchemical Coins through sales. Use the to redeem valuable rewards, including the new Monarch Avatar – Blood Feast, and the Castle Decoration Skin – .
This article will first explain how to obtain Molten Ore and Alchemical Coin, then summarize some handy tips, and finally showcase the rare items that can be redeemed.
Evony Avatar Blood Feast and Castle Dracula
Evony Avatar Blood Feast and Castle Dracula

How to get Molten Ore?

You can get Molten Ore for free by reaching certain daily activity levels, as well as purchase the for privilege rewards.

In Regular Mode:

  • Achieve 50 and 100 activity points to claim 4 Molten Ore respectively. Ramp up your activity to 150 to claim 5 more Molten Ore.
  • Expect daily Molten Ore purchase prices to range between 20 and 60 in your shop.
  • Your Alchemy Shop can purchase a maximum of 100 Molten Ore per day.

After Purchasing the Advanced Alchemy Pass:

  • Unlock Privileged Rewards for daily activity points.
  • Elevate your shop's Molten Ore purchase price to a daily range of 40 to 60.
  • Under this mode, your shop can purchase up to 150 Molten Ore every day.

How to get an Alchemical Coin?

You have two primary ways to accumulate Alchemical Coins: by selling Molten Ore or by purchasing the corresponding package.

Selling Molten Ore:

  1. You can sell your Molten Ore in your own or other players' shops. Upon sale, you receive Alchemical Coins for use in the exchange store.
  2. Each player's shop sets its own daily purchase rate for Molten Ore. If not sold by the end of the day, the remaining Molten Ore will be recycled at your own shop's daily rate.
  3. Normally, when other players sell Molten Ore in your shop, you will receive a 6% commission in Alchemical Coins, with a daily cap of 300. With the Advanced Alchemy Pass, your commission rate will increase to 10% and the daily cap will go up to 900.
Note: With the Advanced Alchemy Pass, missed rewards can be claimed once, and converting unclaimed Molten Ore into Alchemical Coins at a fixed rate of 40.

Buying Packages:

Purchase each package to instantly receive 12,000 Alchemical Coins.


  1. Check and Choose: You can see the daily purchase price for Molten Ore at your friends' shops on the visit page. If you find that the purchase price of some friends' shops is higher, you can apply to visit their shops. Once they give the green light, you can visit and sell your Molten Ore for more Alchemical Coins.
  1. Share the Wealth: Everyone can share their purchase price in the World and Alliance channels. This way, we can quickly find shops with the best rates.
  2. Use It or Lose It: Once the event ends, Evony will sweep up any lingering Alchemical Coins. So make sure to spend them while you can.

What can you redeem?

Important Item
Alchemical Coin
Redeem Chance
Castle Dracula
Monarch Avatar (Blood Feast)
Historic General ()
Historic General ()
Avatar Frame – Blazing Fire
Dual Attribute Chest

The Attributes of Castle Dracula

Own to activate:
  • Research Speed +10%
Use to activate:
  • Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +5%
  • Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense +5%
Other items that can be redeemed include:
Blood of Ares, Runestone Chest, Treasure Box, Dragon Source Fragment, Dragon Crystal, Tactic Scroll, Material Bag (Silk Road), Refining Stone, Art Treasure Scroll Chest, Junior Blazon Chest, Ramune (Soda), Water Balloon, Shave Ice, Super Resource Chest, 60 Minute Speed Up
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