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How to Gain Research Stone as Much as Possible in Evony?

In Evony, the is essential for conducting advanced technology research at the , crucial for development, PvP, and PvE. Efficient acquisition of Research Stones is vital. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively obtain them.
Research Stone
Research Stone

The Importance of the Research Stone

Some technologies need to consume the Research Stone when they begin to be researched, and some technologies need to consume the Research Stone when they reach a certain level. But no matter which kind, scientific and technological research consumes a lot of scientific stone.

The Way to Get the Research Stone

Research Factory

Build Requirements:
  1. Keep Lv21
  2. Hospital Lv1
  3. Food 1,000
  4. Lumber 1,000
The upper limit of Research Stones produced by the every day is proportional to its level.
You can produce 4,750 Research Stones per day when your Research Factory reaches Lv45.
Click the Research Factory and then click the “Produce Research Stones” to enter the page of Research Stone production.
Producing Research Stones need to consume a large amount of Gold and .
Produce Research Stones from Research Factory in Evony
Produce Research Stones from Research Factory in Evony
In addition, completing the every day can also claim Research Stones
The Historic General Quest refreshes every day.
Each of the three Historic Generals will release 3 tasks, and the second task can only be unlocked after completing the first task. By completing the task of Historic Generals, you can get up to 16 Research Stones every day.


The number of Research Stones dropped
Easy Viking
Normal Viking
Hard Viking
Hell Viking

Event Boss Monsters

Such as , Warlord, Golem, Witch, Lava Turtle, and so on.
Among them, Hydra drops the most Research Stones but it is a bit difficult because only Lv3 and above can drop Research Stones.
Hydra Level
Drop Chest
Research Stones' Quantity
Senior Hydra Chest
Legendary Hydra Chest
Epic Hydra Chest
Bayar and Cerberus can not drop Research Stones.
Other event monsters like Warlord and Golem will drop 1 to 2 Research Stone(s) per monster.

Black Market

is a good way to purchase Research Stones by Gems.
  • 6,000 Gems can buy 50 Research Stones
  • 3,000 Gems can buy 25 Research Stones


There are also some events that provide the Research Stone as a reward. For example:
  1. Strategic Stockpile
  2. Astrolable Event
  3. Trial of Sphinx – Alliance Scores Ranking Rewards
  4. Pan's Trials – Alliance Scores ranked in the top 10 – Pan's Treasure
  5. King's Path (Day 3 Powerful Troops and Day 4 Sharp Weapons)
  6. Dwarf's Lucky Apple:
    1. Get Wishing Coins by gathering resources and killing monsters. Then use the coins to wish on the green apple (Lucky Apple – Blessing). And you will have a chance to get Research Stones.
    2. Wish on the three apples to get a chance of receiving the Dwarf's Delicious Pie. You can use a pie to visit a Mysterious Witch and receive a Witch's Gift. Open the gift, and you will also have a chance to get Research Stones.
  7. Revelry Carnival:
    1. Consume Parade Mask and Party Invitation to upgrade your Celebration Level. And you will get 80 Research Stones at Celebration Lv14.
    2. You can also get Research Stones on the Redeem page. One Emerald Brooch can redeem 100 Research Stones and it can redeem up to 10 times. One Celebration Badge can redeem 10 Research Stones and it can redeem up to 20 times.
Alliance Ranking
Top 1
Top 2
Top 3
Top 4-10
Top 11-20
Rewarded number of Research Stone
Novice League
Junior League
Elite League
Legendary League
Epic League
    1. During the event, you can get Level Rewards including Research Stones when you unlock the Precious Treasure. You can claim 120 Research Stones at Lv25, 120 Research Stones at Lv45, and 300 Research Stones at Lv50 to Lv80.
    2. Moreover, you can purchase Research Stones in the Alliance Duel Shop when your Alliance Tier is above Gold.
      Alliance Tier
      Research Stones' Purchase Chance(s)
      The quantity that can be purchased perchance
    1. Attack Lv1 Silver Lionheart Knight (Obsidian) to claim 120 Research Stones at Personal Rewards Lv3 and Lv8.
    2. Attack Lv2 Silver Lionheart Knight (Mica) to claim 150 Research Stones at Personal Rewards Lv3 and Lv8.
    3. Attack Lv3 Silver Lionheart Knight (Cinnabar) to claim 180 Research Stones at Personal Rewards Lv3 and Lv8.
  1. Routine events: Shining Treasure Fragrance, The Silk Road, Tea Culture, Precious Vegetation, Eagle of Freedom, Strong Drink, and Joyful Harvest.
  2. There are also some special events such as Summer Festival Night and Delphic Oracle, which are released at a specific time. Follow Evony's events and don't miss the chance to get a Research Stone.

VIP Gifts

If your VIP level reaches VIP6 and above, you can get a Free Gift chest including Research Stones every day.

Dawn of Civilization

Privilege Rewards:
Claim 30 Research Stones at Lv4
Claim 40 Research Stones at Lv12
Claim 50 Research Stones at Lv28

Battle for Alliances

Normal Rewards:
Claim 60 Research Stones at Lv10
Claim 120 Research Stones at Lv40
Claim 150 Research Stones at Lv47
Privilege Rewards:
Claim 120 Research Stones at Lv3
Claim 180 Research Stones at Lv13
Claim 240 Research Stones at Lv23
Claim 300 Research Stones at Lv33
Claim 360 Research Stones at Lv43

Super Monthly Card

Gold Monthly Card daily rewards – 20 Research Stones


You can also purchase certain packages to get Research Stones.
Festival event packages –
General's Invitation Package at General Portrait Exhibition event
Super Sale Package
Version Boosting Package
Pan's Package
You can check the detailed items in each package and judge if you need to buy it.
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