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How Strong about Evony’s New Debuff General Zizka

As the Bohemian national hero, was regarded as one of the greatest military commanders in history. In Evony, Zizka is a strong Epic Historic General who is suitable to be a . So, what are his special skills and specialties? What troop type does he have a significant debuff effect on? How to get this General? And what's his story? If you want to know this, please read further in this article.
Evony Epic Historic General Zizka
Evony Epic Historic General Zizka

Zizka's Special Skill

Reduces enemy ranged troops' attack by 40%, enemy ranged troops and siege machines' defense, and HP by 15% when the General is leading the army.
1* – Enemy Attack -10%; Enemy Ranged Troop and Defense and HP -10%
2* – Enemy Ranged Troop Defense -20%; When the General is the Mayor, Death into Survival Rate in this Subordinate City +15%
3* – Enemy Ranged Troop HP -20%; When the General is the Mayor, Training Speed in this Subordinate City +29%
4* – Enemy Ground Troop Attack -35%; Enemy Troop Defense and HP -10%
5* – Enemy Ranged Troop Attack -40%, Defense and HP -25%

Zizka's Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

  • Siege Machine Defense: Siege Machine HP and Defense +10%
  • Sabotage: Enemy Troop Defense -10%
  • War God: All Troops Attack +6%
  • : Enemy Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack -30%; Enemy Ranged Troop Defense and HP -20%

The Way to Get General Zizka

  1. You could get General Zizka at the King's Party Event during the previous .
You can claim General Zizka when your party cake reaches Lv10.
During this round of the King's Party event, you can also receive massive rewards including Hephaestus Hammer, Material Bag (Silk Road), Runestone Chest, Super Resource Chest, Refining Stone, Speed Up, Blood of Ares, Civilization Scroll Chest (Conquest), Civilization Scroll Chest (Supremacy), Meteoric Stone, Junior Blazon Chest, Binding Essence, and Celestial Temple castle skin.
To level up your party cake, you just need to purchase basic gems.
Although the event is now over, we speculate that Evony will open new ways to obtain Zizka in the future, so let's look forward to it.
Get Zizka from King's Party
Get Zizka from Kings Party
  1. You can get General Zizka at the Napoleon's Party Event now during Evony's .
Recently, the Evony and Napoleon Collaboration event launched officially with Evony's 7th anniversary. During Napoleon's Party event, you can claim Zizka when your party cake reaches Lv10.
By the way, you will also obtain Napoleon (Prime)'s General Skin – Emperor Napoleon (Prime) at party cake Lv10.

Ranged Troop Debuff Generals

Zizka is arguably the most expert and best general at the moment when it comes to weakening enemy ranged troops. His debuff effect is very powerful regardless of the attack, defense, or HP of the enemy's ranged troops.
In addition to carrying debuffs for ranged troops (including ranged troops and siege machines), and can also significantly weaken the HP and defense of enemy melee troops (ground troops and mounted troops).
Although is inferior to the other three generals in terms of weakening the attack of enemy ranged troops, its debuff in defense and HP is higher than that of Mark Antony and Cnut the Great.

Enemy Ranged Troop Attack
Enemy Ranged Troop Defense
Enemy Ranged Troop HP
Mark Antony
Cnut the Great
Baldwin IV

Evony Epic Historic General Zizka
Evony Epic Historic General Zizka

Zizka's General Story

In the early winter of 1421 AD, when the Hussite commander Zizka's army was fighting the second Crusade, it was premeditated and surrounded by the army of the Holy Roman Empire on the snowy and windy Upper Sázava, and fell into imminent destruction.
However, Zizka created the Wagenburg tactics in a desperate situation and led the Hussite coalition to reverse the situation of the battle. He added fortifications to the tanks equipped with artillery, forming a mobile turret fortress with both offensive and defensive capabilities, and launched a charge towards the enemy's lines. The artillery violently bombarded the infantry phalanx, while the musketeers hiding behind the fortifications shot the cavalry. Such perfect tactical coordination left the army of the Holy Roman Empire without any resistance, and the entire army fled in rout.
After several hours of fierce fighting, this most difficult battle in winter ended in a heavy artillery barrage. Under Zizka's outstanding command, the Bohemians once again won the war.
Zizka commanded several battles that defeated the Crusades throughout his life. His innovative tactics foresaw the emergence of tanks in later generations, so he is considered one of the greatest military commanders.
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