Maarten Tromp was an admiral in the Dutch navy who defeated the Spanish fleet in the Battle of the Downs. And now he becomes an Epic Historic General in Evony to help players do better on the Server War. Please read this article to learn Maarten Tromp’s story, attributes, and how to get him. Obtaining General Maarten Tromp is essential, as his presence is more helpful than you might imagine. To fully grasp the extent of his value, it’s crucial to read through to the end of this article.

The General Story of Maarten Tromp

In 1639, amidst the English Channel, a blazing fireship collided with the Spanish flagship, Santa Teresa. It was at this moment that the Dutch fleet commander, Maarten Tromp, issued the command for a full-scale assault, marking the commencement of the monumental Battle of the Downs.
Maarten Tromp, despite the odds, displayed exceptional military command. Using strategic tactics, he immobilized the Spanish fleet, delayed the fight, and awaited Dutch reinforcements. Seizing the opportunity, Tromp encircled the enemy, trapped them in narrow waters, and unleashed a devastating assault, securing a resounding victory.
This triumph marked the beginning of Tromp’s legendary career as one of the Netherlands’ greatest naval leaders, and he went on to achieve further triumphs, establishing the Netherlands as a dominant naval power.
Evony General Maarten Tromp
Evony General Maarten Tromp

The Special Skill of Maarten Tromp

Naval Battles
Increases ranged troops and siege machines’ attack by 35% when the General is leading the army to attack. Increases ranged troops’ attack and defense by 20% when the General is leading the army to attack during the Server War.
1* – Marching Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%; during the Server War, Marching Ranged Troop and Siege Machine HP +10%
2* – Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +8%; during Server War, March Size Capacity +5%
3* – March Size Capacity +10%; when attacking during Server War, Ranged Troop and Siege Machine HP +15%
4* – Marching Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Defense +40%; when attacking during Server War, Ranged Troop Defense +25%
5* – Marching Ranged Tropo Attack and Defense +25%; when attacking during Server War, Ranged Troop Attack +15%

The Specialty of Maarten Tromp (Max Level Attributes)

  • Ranged Troop Assault: Ranged Troop Attack and HP +10%
  • Bash: Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Ranged Troop Ares: Ranged Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • Battle of the Downs: Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack +35%; Marching Ranged Troop Defense +10%; Marching Ranged Troop HP +20%

The Way to Get Maarten Tromp

General Portrait Exhibition Event

During the event, you can consume 500 General’s Invitations to redeem one General Hall III Historic General token which is the 7th item on the redeem page.
Get Maarten Tromp from General Portrait Exhibition
Get Maarten Tromp from the General Portrait Exhibition
You can redeem it 99 times.
Every general in the pool of this token has the same probability of being drawn.
So, how to get the General’s Invitation?

The way to get the General’s Invitation

  1. Server Monarch Competition & Monarch Competition
By completing tasks in corresponding stages and reaching a certain score, you can receive General’s Invitation rewards.
  1. Purchase Packages
Purchase the General’s Invitation Package to get the General Hall Chest. And open the chest to receive one or more General’s Invitations.
In addition, you can also purchase the Imperial General Hall Package to get a large number of General’s Invitations immediately.
  1. Activity Chest
You can claim 6 General’s Invitations on the “Activity” page when your daily activity reaches 145.

The Benefits of Owning General Maarten Tromp

  1. Claim General Hall Collection Rewards

You can acquire the following rewards when you finish the collection of “Ocean Master” in General Hall III.
  • Excellent Dragon Coin *4
  • Refining Stone *50
  • Persia King’s Treasure *40
You can just click the Art Hall -> General Hall -> General Hall III to check the details.
  1. Activate the Iron Crown

Unlocking Ocean Master helps activate the Art Treasure – Iron Crown
Iron Crown's Activation Requirements and Attributes
Iron Crowns Activation Requirements and Attributes
Iron Crown’s Activation Requirements:
You can unlock it by collecting all the generals in General Hall III, including the following generals.
  • Unprecedented Legend: Seleucus, Suleiman the Magnificent, Gnarr, Ramesses II
  • Oriental Heroes: Yi Sun-sin, Guan Yu, Oda Nobunaga, Wei Qing
  • Ocean Master: Peter the Great, Maarten Tromp, David Farragut, and Edward Teach
  • Wise Queen: Queen Boudica, Isabella I, Himiko, Jadwiga
Iron Crown’s Attributes (Lv.1 -> Lv.6):
  • In City Ground Troop Defense +20% -> 110%
  • In City Ranged Troop Defense +20% -> 110%
  • In City Ranged Troop Attack +15% -> 115%

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