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Evony’s team emphasizes local content, following Yaoqi Guo’s UX

The production team at  has managed to construct a sophisticated and fun . According to the latest sales numbers for August, the game gained 24.9 million new global downloads and generated $216.8 million in revenue. Released by Top Game Inc., which was founded in 2015, the team is led by founder and CEO (). With more than 25 years of experience in software development, game design, and theory, Guo is deeply committed to enhancing the game experience. The team focuses on social elements to promote player connections and build a long-term, energetic gaming community.

Evony's team emphasizes local content following Yaoqi Guo's UX

Yaoqi Guo: Data Science To Stimulate Team Potential

Yaoqi Guo places great emphasis on the role of data science in team management. This scientific approach informs all aspects of game design, from problem identification to solution implementation. Data-driven insights guide the team in balancing localization and overall design, contributing to Evony's standout features.

The Production Team's Focus on Details

The production team of Evony pays close attention to details, storylines, and what differentiates the game. Games designed with a local context in mind hold a competitive edge. According to the Google for Games 2022 Mobile Insights Report, it's essential for mobile players, especially those in Brazil and the APAC region, to play in an environment localized to their country or region.

Local Content in Evony

The team first assesses market demands, aiming to evolve the game without compromising its core features. “It's a tricky equation to balance, but we find ourselves better off when we prioritize local content,” the production team of Evony said. Prioritizing local content means that players can engage with a game that resonates with their experiences, cultures, and narratives.

The Importance of Local Content

Imagine navigating a game world that reflects the traditions, norms, and nuances of a player's culture. This makes players active participants rather than mere spectators. The characters and missions are relatable, making the game not just a pastime but part of their personal narratives. This encourages longer engagement and makes the game a community hub. In essence, it's not just about giving players what they think they want but offering them experiences they didn't even know they needed.

So, when players hear that a game prioritizes local content, they should understand it as an invitation to experience a world tailored just for them, within the grand scope of a global gaming community.

Yaoqi Guo's visionary leadership

Not only does he employ data science to sharpen team potential, but he also focuses on the nuances that make a game more than just a product. By emphasizing the importance of localized content, Guo ensures that Evony is not just a global phenomenon but also a personal experience for each player. His innovative approach to harmonizing local flavors with global appeal has led to an engaging and profitable game. The impressive sales numbers and player engagement are testaments to his skill in delivering what the audience didn't even know they needed. Yaoqi Guo's deep-rooted understanding of both the gaming world and the needs of his diverse player base makes him a standout leader in today's competitive gaming industry.

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As the CEO of Top Games Inc., David Guo oversees all essential departments within the organization. His approach to achieving success in each role is grounded in efficiency and speed. David firmly believes that all employees at Top Games Inc. should act swiftly—both in testing and implementing plans. Rather than adhering to a single formula for immediate success, he encourages continuous testing of products and services. This method allows the company to implement the best available options and scale up as quickly as possible.

A passionate gamer himself, David Guo was disappointed to see that many gaming companies neglected user experience and customer satisfaction. It was this realization that led him to join Top Games Inc., a company that prides itself on prioritizing top-tier player experiences and services. With a philosophy rooted in designing games from the player’s viewpoint, David recognizes the significance of the gaming world as a space where players not only make friends but also experience meaningful portions of their lives. Under his leadership, the aim has always been to create the best possible gaming experiences while fostering enduring gaming communities that continually enrich those experiences.

The key is an unwavering focus on the player’s experience. According to David Guo, a game’s success is tightly bound to its user-centric design; it’s not just about high-quality graphics or intricate gameplay, but about fulfilling the player’s expectations and beyond. At Top Games Inc., under Guo’s guidance, the prime objective is to offer users an unmatched experience that serves as both an outlet for fun and a source of enduring satisfaction.