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How to Obtain and Pair Evony Mounted-Troop General Hannibal?

Evony Epic Historic General has good buffs mainly on mounted troops in the game. In history, he was a Punic Carthaginian military commander, generally considered one of the greatest military commanders. In this article, we introduce Hannibal's story, special skills, and specialties in the first three parts. And then list as many ways as possible to obtain him. Finally, through experiments and calculations, we give some combinations of the Main General and related to Hannibal and make corresponding explanations.

Hannibal's General Story

In 218 BC, the Roman Republic and Carthage launched a war for the hegemony of the Mediterranean. The troops led by Hannibal, the chief commander of Carthage avoided the main force of Rome, set out from Spain, passed by Gaul, crossed the Alps, and finally arrived in Rome at the cost of nearly half of the troops lost!
Hannibal's strategic talent gave his troops full confidence. Under the leadership of Hannibal, the troops repeatedly defeated the Roman troops and marched towards Cannae, the granary of Rome. On August 2,216 B.C., the broke out. Hannibal surrounded and annihilated the 80,000 Roman troops with 40,000 troops by using his strategic talent. This is one of the greatest battles in military history, in which a numerically inferior force defeated its stronger enemy.
Hannibal, known as the father of strategy, occupied Rome with his troops for 15 years, during which he almost conquered Rome and changed world history!
Evony Epic Historic General Hannibal
Evony Epic Historic General Hannibal

Hannibal's Special Skill

Increases ground troops and mounted troops' attack by 15% and increases mounted troops' attack by another 20% when the General is leading the army to attack.
1※ – Marching Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Attack +10% and Defense +10%
2※ – Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +10%
3※ – While the General is launching Alliance War, Rally Capacity +8%
4※ – Marching Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack and HP +10%
5※ – Marching Mounted Troop Attack +15%, Defense and HP +20%

Hannibal's Max Level Specialty

  • Mounted Troop Assault: Mounted Troop Attack and HP +10%
  • Formation: Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack +10%
  • Mounted Troop Ares: Mounted Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • Battle of Cannae: Marching Mounted Troop Attack and HP +36%

Hannibal's Access

There is no General Hannibal in the Epic Historic General (Premium) token. You will have a chance to draw Hannibal from the Adv General, Epic General, and Epic Historic General tokens.
Please read on to find out how to obtain him in detail.
Get Hannibal from Three Types of General Tokens
Get Hannibal from Three Types of General Tokens
Spin the Wheel of Fortune in Tavern, and you will have a few chances to get the Adv General, Epic General, and Epic Historic General tokens.
You need to consume the corresponding item – “Chip” to spin the wheel. Spend 100 chips to spin once and 900 chips to spin 10 times.
Specifically, you can choose a General from Shajar al-Durr, Edward, Isabella, and John I of Portugal to bless you when your VIP level reaches VIP4, 8, 11, and 15 respectively.
  1. Champion

Loyalty reaches Lv4 to Lv10 to claim General Token Chest(s). Open the chest to get a chance to receive the Epic General token.
  1. VIP Premium Package

Purchase the Premium Packages of VIP1 and VIP4 to claim General Token Chest(s). And then the same to the Champion.
  1. Event

  • Novice League: Monarch Score reaches 2,600 to get General Token Chest *1
  • Junior League: Monarch Score reaches 3,000 to get General Token Chest *2
  • Elite League: Monarch Score reaches 3,500 to get Epic Historic General *1
  • Epic League: Monarch Score reaches 3,400 to get Epic Historic General *1
  1. King's Scheme Event

Use 60 General Mementos to redeem the 2nd item – Epic Historic General (Rare) *1. And there is a chance to get Hannibal from the Epic Historic General (Rare).
You can redeem it only once a time.
The King's Scheme Event will be held during the Civilization Celebration, and you can find it on the Valuable Event page.
During the event, you can obtain the by purchasing the corresponding packages on the event page.
Get Hannibal from King's Scheme Event
Get Hannibal from Kings Scheme Event

The Pairing of Hannibal's Main and Assistant General

We have selected the following generals whose Special Skills do not conflict with Hannibal's from the generals that are easier to obtain and develop.
Main General
Assistant General
Skill Book
(Lv4 Mounted Troop Attack)
The Best Aspect
Mounted Troop Attack
Mounted Troop Attack
Mounted Troop HP


When both special skills and specialties are at max level, the combination of Martinus and Hannibal has a stronger attack buff, although this combination cannot use the Skill Book of Lv4 Mounted Troop Attack. Don't forget, Martinus has a skin that provides additional buffs. The reason why we recommend Martinus as the Main General is that his skills require a dragon to be effective. However, if he is an Assistant General, the buff of the dragon itself will not take effect, which is a significant loss.
The attack bonus of Maximilian I and Hannibal's combination is also good. Maximilian I is chosen as the Main General because it can increase by 14%.
When Ii Naomasa serves as the Main General and Hannibal serves as the Assistant General, the Mounted Troop HP bonus is the highest among these combinations, and the March Size Capacity can also be increased by 14%.
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