Evony General Ono no Imoko has come to the game with the St. Patrick’s Day Event. As the Asuka period envoy, Ono no Imoko was honored as ‘Greater Virtue’ for his diplomacy with the Sui Dynasty. Now in Evony, he is the first Forge Duty General who can bring buffs to Forge. This article will guide you to learn the information, attributes, and access path of Ono no Imoko, and the details of Forge Officer.

The General Story of Ono no Imoko

In 607, Japan was at a pivotal moment in its transition to a feudal society. Ono no Imoko embarked on a great journey across the Eastern Sea as an envoy to the Sui dynasty, tasked with learning about advanced cultures and systems. Braving the perilous seas and overcoming daunting challenges, he finally reached the Sui capital of Daxing.
His first mission was nearly jeopardized due to a diplomatic faux pas in the letter delivered from Empress Suiko to Emperor Yang of Sui. However, with his exceptional wisdom, Ono no Imoko skillfully navigated through the crisis.
Returning to the Sui dynasty in 609 as an envoy, Ono no Imoko elevated the exchanges between the two nations to new heights. He was astounded by the prosperity and advanced culture of the Sui dynasty. During his visit, he not only sought teachings from renowned scholars in Confucianism and Buddhism but also ventured among the common people to study Sui’s political and social systems.
Ono no Imoko successfully completed his mission and returned home with honors. He introduced Sui’s administrative, ceremonial, and architectural techniques to Japan, significantly contributing to the refinement of Japan’s political system and the advancement of its social civilization. With his cultured demeanor and exceptional talents, Ono no Imoko left an indelible mark on the history of diplomacy.
Evony Epic Historic General Ono No Imoko

The Special Skill of Ono no Imoko

Greater Virtue:
Increases crafting speed and ground troops’ HP by 15% and reduces enemy ground troops and mounted troops’ defense and HP by 12% when the General is the Forge Officer.
Ascending Special Skill:
  1★ – When the General is the Forge Officer, Crafting Speed +4%, In-city Troops Attack +15%
  2★ – When the General is the Forge Officer, Crafting Speed +6%, In-city Siege Machine Attack +25% and Defense +35%
  3★ – When the General is the Forge Officer, In-city Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack, Defense, and HP +20%
  4★ – When the General is the Forge Officer, Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10% and HP +20%
  5★ – When the General is the Forge Officer, Siege Machine Attack +15%, Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack and HP +10%

The Max-level Specialty of Ono no Imoko

  • Siege Machine Assault: Siege Machine Attack and HP +10%
  • Bash: Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Sage (Applied to Forge Officer): Crafting Speed +20%; March Speed +10%
  • Envoy to Sui Dynasty (Applied to Forge Officer): Crafting Speed +10%; In-city Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Defense and HP +15%

How to Obtain General Ono no Imoko

During the St. Patrick’s Day Event, you can participate in the King’s Party to get Ono no Imoko.
In this way, you need to purchase basic gems to level up your Party Cake. When your cake reaches Lv10, you can claim generous rewards, including General Ono no Imoko.
Particularly, there are many crucial items at the King’s Party event. For example, you can get the Officer Equipment Scroll Chest at Party Cake Lv8. Meanwhile, you can also claim the Hephaestus Hammer at Party Cakes Lv2, 3, 5, 7, and 9 and receive Binding Essence at Party Cakes Lv5, 7, and 10.
Get Officer Equipment Evony General Ono No Imoko from Kings Party

Forge Officer Duty Requirements & Benefits

To make your generals more powerful, in addition to improving the attributes of generals, general equipment is also helpful. At this time, the role of Forge is revealed.
You can do the following in Forge:
  • Craft Equipment: Agility, Solidity, Edge, Transcendence, Elite, Champion, General, King, Dragon, Achaemenidae
  • Upgrade Equipment: Dragon → Ares; Achaemenidae → Imperial & Parthian
  • Upgrade Equipment’s Star: Forge Lv30 unlocks this feature. (Click “Equipment Upgrade” to learn more details)
  • Refine Equipment
Because it takes a certain amount of time to craft equipment, and the more advanced the equipment is, the longer it will take. Therefore, it is important to increase craft speed. The appointment of Forge Officer, Evony General Ono no Imoko, can help in this regard. The higher the level of the Forge Officer, the higher the craft speed improvement buff. See the table below for details.

Duty Degree(s)
Requirements for Duty Generals
Duty Benefit(s)
Junior Forge Officer
Politics: 500
Leadership: 450
Crafting Speed +10%
Medium Forge Officer
Politics: 850
Leadership: 800
Crafting Speed +20%
Senior Forge Officer
Politics: 1,150
Leadership: 1,100
Crafting Speed +30%
Special Forge Officer
Politics: 1,200
Leadership: 1,150
Power: 3,100,000
Crafting Speed +50%
Super Forge Officer
Politics: 1,400
Leadership: 1,400
Power: 3,100,000
Crafting Speed +70%

Furthermore, as a Duty General, Ono no Imoko can use the Officer Skill Book to become stronger. You can get it from the Officer Skill Book Package. Although this package is not currently online, we can continue to pay attention to Evony’s events and packages to avoid missing out.

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