In Evony, Generals play a crucial role in every monarch’s rise to power. A General’s strength is directly tied to their level, which in turn depends on their EXP (experience). There are numerous ways to earn General EXP in Evony. Today, let’s explore six main effective methods to increase General EXP, along with other techniques.

The 6 Effective Ways to Increase General EXP:

No.1 Killing Troops

Killing or injuring enemy troops is an efficient way to improve a General’s EXP.
The EXP you get is related to the number of troops you kill or injure.
Therefore, if there are no troops in the enemy’s castle, your lead general will not gain EXP.
Under this logic, killing NPC troops in subordinate cities is also effective for upgrading Generals. [PS: You should make your subordinate city slots full when you do this way.]
The better the quality of the subordinate city being attacked, the more experience your Generals can gain, and the faster their experience can increase. So, try to choose a golden subordinate city to make multiple attacks.
  1. Killing Troops in the Battlefield is not a recommended way to upgrade Generals because the General EXP gained in this way is only 30% of what it is out of the battlefield.
  2. When you match with Subordinate Cities, the experience of your Marching Main and Assistant Generals, Main City Defense Main and Assistant Generals, and Subordinate City Generals will improve together. In this case, you can appoint the General who you want to upgrade as a Mayor.
  3. The EXP gained by the Main and Assistant Generals is equal. And the EXP they gain is related to how many troops they kill or injure through attack or defense.
  4. The EXP that each Mayor can gain depends on the number of enemy troops his or her sub-city troops kill or damage. The higher the Subordinate City level and the more troops it has, the more enemies it can kill or damage.

No.2 Battlefield Shop

You can also spend Badges purchasing General EXP books in the Battlefield Shop. The items in this shop refresh at a regular time. And you have 3 free refresh times every day.
Get General Exp Books in Battlefield Shop
Get General Exp Books in Battlefield Shop

No.3 Black Market

You can buy General EXP books by spending Gems on the Black Market. This is a really efficient way to get massive General EXP, and you can unlock the Rebuy feature when your VIP level reaches VIP 13.
The higher the level of your Market, the better quality of the items on the Black Market.
Buy General Exp in Black Market
Buy General Exp in Black Market

No.4 Killing Monsters

Kills common monsters, Boss monsters, and Event monsters have the opportunity to increase the EXP of the lead Generals.
Researching technologies at the Academy and using specific Skill Books can improve General EXP you can gain from monsters.
  • Academy – Military – Tactical EXP
  • Skill Book – Lv4 Monster’s Respect – Offer an extra 25% EXP from killing monsters when the General is leading the army.
In addition, it is possible to drop General EXP books by defeating monsters. The monsters who may drop General EXP books are shown as follows.

Monsters who can drop General EXP books with 100% probability:

  1. Boss monsters
  • B1 Zombie
  • B2 Redcap
  • B3 Centaur
  • B4 Skeleton Dragon
  • B5 Werewolf
  • B6 Manticore
  • B7 Yasha
  • B8 Peryton
  • B9 Minotaur
  • B10 Griffin
Killing these Boss monsters will drop the Boss Monster Chests, and unlocking the chests will give you the General EXP books.
  1. Royal Thief
Nightingale, Nell, and Duke
Killing Royal Thiefs to get Royal Thief Chests, and open the chests to get General EXP books.
  1. Event monsters
Hydra, Garuda, and Fenrir
  1. Viking Chief
This challenge requires 10 alliance members complete level 30 Hard Viking. And only R4 and R5 can start this challenge.
Killing Viking Chief to Get General Exp
Killing Viking Chief to Get General Exp

Monsters who are possible to drop General EXP books:

  1. Boss monsters
  • B14 Behemoth
  • B15 Phoenix
  • B16 Jormungandr
  • B17 Typhon
  1. Common monsters
  • Lv.2 Robber
  • Lv.13 Crafty Ranger
  • Lv.18 Hypocritical Knight
  • Lv.27 Ferocious Knight
  • Lv.32 Evil Knight
  • Lv.37 Teutonic Berserker

No.5 Events

King’s Path

During the event, you can gain General EXP from King’s Path Rewards Chests first. You can earn one point for each task you complete. How many points you have will eventually earn how many reward chests.
And then, you can also get General EXP by completing the Day 1 tasks including City Tax, Hoarding Food and Lumber, and Mining Stone and Ore.
Get General Exp from Kings Path
Get General Exp from Kings Path

Holiday Celebration

Visit Lv.1 Junior Celebration Squad to get gifts including General EXP probably.

Dwarf’s Lucky Apple

Make a wish for Lucky Apple – Wealth, and you will have a chance to get 1K General EXP *20
It only takes 1 Wishing Coin to make a wish.
Wishing coins can be obtained by killing monsters and gathering resources.

Special Events

For example, you can earn General EXP books from the Delphic Oracle Event. During the event, you can use the Glory of Astraeus to make a wish in Apollo’s Glory. And there will be a chance to get General EXP.

No.6 Purchasing Packages

Festival Event Packages are the main packages that contain General EXP books.
In addition, there are also many other packages including General EXP books, so please check the contents of the packages to avoid missing them.

No.7 Others

  1. Server Gift

  1. Daily Rewards

Players can get rewards when they log into the game everyday. The Daily Rewards will include General EXP books sometimes.
Get General Exp from Daily Rewards
Get General Exp from Daily Rewards
  1. Daily Activity

After each activity mission is completed, players can be rewarded with General EXP books.
  1. Patrol

By patrolling the Walls, many items can be obtained. There are 3 free Patrol opportunities per day, after which you can use Gems if you want to continue patrolling. You can also use Gold to refresh items obtained by Patrol so that you can get what you want. After completing daily patrol tasks, you can earn additional rewards on the Activity page, which includes General EXP.
Get General Exp from Patrol
Get General Exp from Patrol
  1. Poem of History

Unlock “The Prosperity of the Kingdom” to claim 5,000 General EXP *3.
Unlocking requirement: The Server must have 10 Alliances, each with above 20M power.
Get General Exp from Poem of History
Get General Exp from Poem of History
  1. Monarch Competition

In the “Monster Killing” stage of the Monarch Competition, you can receive rewards, including General EXP, when you reach corresponding scores. You can get 1,000 General EXP books up to 237.
Get General Exp from Monarch Competition
Get General Exp from Monarch Competition
  1. Dawn of Civilization and Advanced Journey

Increase your level to earn corresponding rewards:
  • Lv.9 – 5K General EXP *2
  • Lv.24 – 5K General EXP *3

To sum up, upgrading Generals is crucial for each monarch to become powerful. And Generals’ levels are also necessary for many functions in Evony. With the update and development of the game, there will be more paths to increase Generals’ experience. And we will continue updating this guide in the future.

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