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David Guo: Evony’s engaging Events bring even more surprises to players!

Top Games Inc., a globally recognized indie game publishing company, has successfully launched , a hit game that has won multiple industry awards in 2022. These accolades include the NYX Game Awards, ranking 5th among the Top Ten US-Headquartered Mid-Core Games, and securing the Best MMO Award in the Samsung Galaxy Store, among others. Concurrently, Top Games has become one of the top 10 highest-grossing developers on the AppStore and Google Play, earning the title of “Top Companies of April 2022.”

Evony's engaging activities bring even more surprises to players

Since its release in 2016, Evony made a notable appearance in a Super Bowl ad in 2017, featuring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, well-known for his role as Negan in “The Walking Dead,” and Aaron Eckhart, who portrayed Two-Face in “The Dark Knight.” This marketing move, leveraging the Super Bowl's massive viewership, significantly boosted the game's visibility and user base. TPI's strategic acumen in distributing and promoting the game is evident.

, also known as , CEO and co-founder of the company, has been deeply invested in the gaming industry, fueled by his own experiences as a veteran gamer. During his student days, gaming was a recreational activity for him, but he quickly realized that many game development companies overlooked the importance of user experience. This realization motivated him to join TPI and contribute to its foundation as a company that prioritizes player satisfaction.

David champions the significance of game design and player experience in game development, setting high execution, data-driven, and user-centric development principles for his team. Benjamin Gifford, Vice President of TPI, upholds the belief that a good and successful team should focus on excellence rather than perfection.

Evony, a real-time war SLG, has drawn more than 150 million players worldwide, supporting over 24 languages in more than 100 countries. The development team continually introduces innovative gameplay mechanics and narrative designs to engage and challenge players, Evony regularly releases weekly events and festive celebrations such as the recent event, drawing significant player participation.

The Halloween Package event features five different daily package tiers that provide an extraordinary value in rewards, including the opportunity to acquire the new Epic Historic General Raimondo, among other coveted items. To honor player support, Evony will host Civilization Celebration events, where players can use Noble Coins to win prizes. Any remaining Noble Coins after the event will be converted into chests. The General Portrait Exhibition Event also allows players to exchange General's Invitations for Historic Generals and resources.

The TPI project team is committed to creating and developing new games, aiming to connect players globally. David Guo's visionary leadership and strategic approach have significantly contributed to Top Games Inc.'s success, with a strong emphasis on user experience distinguishing the company in the gaming market.

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During the first three days of the Historic City Event, players will be re-ranked every day according to the Valorous Medal(s) they have obtained, and then receive corresponding fragments according to the ranking. Please click the article: How to master the information about Historic Cities in Evony and obtain them? to check all Historic Cities and how to get them.

As the CEO of Top Games Inc., David Guo oversees all essential departments within the organization. His approach to achieving success in each role is grounded in efficiency and speed. David firmly believes that all employees at Top Games Inc. should act swiftly—both in testing and implementing plans. Rather than adhering to a single formula for immediate success, he encourages continuous testing of products and services. This method allows the company to implement the best available options and scale up as quickly as possible.

A passionate gamer himself, David Guo was disappointed to see that many gaming companies neglected user experience and customer satisfaction. It was this realization that led him to join Top Games Inc., a company that prides itself on prioritizing top-tier player experiences and services. With a philosophy rooted in designing games from the player’s viewpoint, David recognizes the significance of the gaming world as a space where players not only make friends but also experience meaningful portions of their lives. Under his leadership, the aim has always been to create the best possible gaming experiences while fostering enduring gaming communities that continually enrich those experiences.

The key is an unwavering focus on the player’s experience. According to David Guo, a game’s success is tightly bound to its user-centric design; it’s not just about high-quality graphics or intricate gameplay, but about fulfilling the player’s expectations and beyond. At Top Games Inc., under Guo’s guidance, the prime objective is to offer users an unmatched experience that serves as both an outlet for fun and a source of enduring satisfaction.