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3 Fun Netflix Games You Need to Play in 2023

is steadily expanding its footprint in the , a venture that gained momentum in 2021 with the appointment of Mike Verdu as Vice President of Game Development. Verdu reports directly to Netflix's COO, Greg Peters, and has been instrumental in curating a diverse portfolio of games for Netflix subscribers. Prior to Netflix, Verdu was the Vice President of Content for Facebook's Reality Labs, where he managed Oculus Studios and led initiatives in / gaming.

Netflix Games

A Netflix subscription not only offers a vast library of streaming content but also includes an array of mobile games at no additional cost. These games are ad-free and require no in-game purchases, providing an undisturbed gaming experience for subscribers.

Here are three standout titles available to Netflix members:

  1. : This game reinvigorates the zombie genre with its engaging on-rails shooter format. The game's protagonist is on a desperate journey to reunite with his family, navigating through hordes of zombies along the way. The game offers a nuanced balance between risk and reward as players must make quick decisions on resource allocation and pathways.
  2. : This is a Netflix exclusive, set in a dystopian future where robots have gone rogue. Players assume the role of the Gunslinger, resurrected to save humanity from mechanical tyranny. The game features a variety of mission types, along with a compelling progression system. The constant quest for improved weaponry and equipment keeps players engaged.
  3. : This unique narrative-driven game employs eye-tracking technology to unfold its story. Players journey through the afterlife of Benjamin Brynn, interacting with his memories. Inspired by the stage play “Death of a Salesman,” the game offers a unique interaction method where blinking serves as the main gameplay mechanic, allowing for a different kind of storytelling experience.

In conclusion, Netflix is making significant strides in diversifying its entertainment offerings. By partnering with both internal studios and external developers, the company is ensuring that its gaming library appeals to a broad audience, thereby solidifying its position as a comprehensive entertainment provider.

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